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Thank God they weren't home

Lightning struck and burned down my brother's home yesterday. Fortunately, he was at a friend's wedding at the time. There is a news story here and the people in the photo are my parents. What the article fails to say is that a propane tank on the front porch exploded moments after the house was struck. Pieces of the tank were found in a backyard across the street two houses down. My brother and his fiancee spend a lot of time on that porch. If they were home, it's likely that they would have been there or in the room on the other side of the bay window that looks out onto the porch.

I was there most of yesterday evening and I have to say that despite not being able to save his house or his beloved dog Molly, the firemen were simply incredible. It's been ruled natural causes and everything was explained to us in detail. Afterwards, I walked through the house with my brother and a firefighter friend of his. He'll be able to save a handful of possessions. It's heartbreaking. Molly was like his child and he put so much work into that house. There were many Martha Stewart jokes at his expense over the years.

He's getting married in November. It would be amazing if they can get their home back before their wedding and if there is any way, I know family and friends will make it happen. Fortunately, we've heard excellent things about his insurance company, Allstate. We'll know more later today.


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